• Colby Sawyer Scholarship Profile: Sabrina Harrath

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    Seventeen year old Sabrina Harrath was one of ten students, two of which are in Malden, to receive the Colby Sawyer Scholarship. The Colby Sawyer Scholarship is awarded by Colby Sawyer College in New Hampshire, mainly, to “first generation college students and to bring more geographic, racial diversity to the college” (Harrath). The scholarship grants awarded students with four years of tuition free college. Colby Sawyer College is a Liberal Arts and Sciences college.

    Harrath has not accepted the scholarship as it is nonbinding, and is looking at her other options for school. She has applied to Colby Sawyer for early action and to Boston University, University of Maryland, University of North Carolina and Hofstra University for regular decision.

    If Harrath accepts the scholarship and choses to go to Colby Sawyer College she “would graduate with a Bachelor's degree knowing that [she] will not be trying to pay off [her] debt in the years to come.” Colby Sawyer College has a good biomedical program which Harrath is very interested in.

    After attending whichever college she choses to go to, Harrath plans to further her college education into graduate school to receive her Master’s degree.

    Living in Malden and learning at Malden High School has helped Harrath socially interact with people from all different backgrounds, since MHS is the second most diverse school in Massachusetts. She has always lived in Malden and cannot imagine going to any other high school other than Malden High School. On MHS Harrath says: “Malden High is a great school, with an enjoyable atmosphere and a remarkable educational system. Mr. Brown has done a phenomenal job in welcoming students and keeping the place under control. I honestly couldn’t imagine my high school career being anywhere, but at Malden High.”

    Sabrina has lived in Malden her entire life, and had recently been trying out looking at the brighter side of situations instead of looking negatively on things.

    To learn more about Colby Sawyer College click here.


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