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    The Comedy Club is a new club offered here at Malden High. This club is run by Beth Horwitz, a business and technology teacher. Horwitz was approached by sophomores Zaina Abdalla and Comfort Acheampong. When Abdalla and Acheampong were looking for an advisor they asked Mary Ann Seager and she recommended Horwitz saying that she would be perfect for it. She agreed to be a part of it because she thinks “it’s an interesting concept for a club and thought students would enjoy it.”

     Posters hung up in promotion of Comedy Club. Photo by Ailin Toro.

    Posters hung up in promotion of Comedy Club. Photo by Ailin Toro.

    When asked what the club meetings will consist of they said that that was still up the air. They do not want to have a plan and have the members dislike it. The first meeting is going to be an open forum because of that. There they will be able to develop what they actually want the club to be and be able to see how the members bond.

    Horwitz is confident that the club is going to attract a lot of members, although she acknowledges that it will be hard to tell until the first meeting. She feels as if “there are a lot of comedians in the school and here they will have a real platform for it.”

    The co founders Abdalla and Acheampong completely agreed with this statement and said that their goal in the end is to make people laugh. The idea for the club was “originally just an idea [they] didn’t think [they’d] follow through on but as [they] kept talking about it [they] realized that [they] would actually really enjoy making the club.” They then wrote the proposal for principal Ted Lombardi, and when he agreed they began to plan and advertise it. They have posters around the school and Horwitz is going to advertise it during her classes.

    When asked about what people they hope join they mentioned that they hope entertaining people will as well as people who would like to be in the background. Since this club’s goal is to make people laugh anyone who would be interested in that in any capacity would be welcome.

    The club had big plans coming up including doing a comedy skit during JV’s, bringing local stand up comedians to meetings, and hosting an open mic night.

    If you are interested in joining the club the first meeting is on November 30th in H304.


    Ailin Toro Beltran is a sophomore at Malden High School and is returning to the Blue and Gold for her second year as staff. Beltran mainly joined the Blue and Gold due to her interest in writing. This year, she plans on specializing in local news. Some other hobbies within school that Beltran participates in include Key Club and Leadership and Mentorship Club. Outside of school, she likes to hang out with friends and watch movies. Her favorite genre of books are comedies and memoirs. Beltran also like to watch shows like Bob’s Burgers, Grey’s Anatomy, and Big Brother. She enjoys listening to pop music and her favorite music artist is Troye Sivan.

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