• Girls Basketball Profile: Tiffany Tortora

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    Growing up, junior Tiffany Tortora enjoyed playing basketball. Attending Malden Youth basketball weekly. After Tortora finished Malden Youth, she was able to move forward and start her high school basketball career.

    Playing since her freshman year as center position, she has “learn[ed] experiences, success as well as failures, and most of all unforgettable memories.” These unforgettable memories “[have] transformed [the program] into a community where [they] all have a sense of togetherness and everyone supports each other. From freshman,to JV, to varsity, [they] all support each other and push each other to be great.”

    Junior Tiffany Totora blocks the ball from junior Xue Zhou as they practice drills.

    As the season begins to come to an end, Tortora's goal is to “play more aggressive and communicate.” At the beginning of the year, the girls basketball team received their first win of the season against Everett. She believes that “playing Everett is always a great match up” because they are able to not only communicate, but use their skills in order to win. Working together they are able to defeat other cities and rivalries throughout the season.

    With Scott Marino’s welcoming into the season a couple months back, several teammates had and still have “high hopes” for the season because Marino brings so much to the table like new skills and strategies they are able to use on the court and he pushed them each and every practice. Compared to last year Tortora summed up this “season as amazing and successful… always remaining positive” Next year, as a senior, Totora hopes to play another season as well as continue her high school career in playing basketball or volleyball in college.


    Sophomore Jesaias Benitez is entering his second year at The Blue and Gold. This year he will be taking on the role of a lead sports reporter. Benitez’s parents are originally from El Salvador and moved to the United States. Benitez was born in New York where he went to elementary school and spent most of his childhood. Benitez’s parents decided to move to Malden in 2011 when Jesaias was ten and went to middle school at The Beebe School. He considers himself a friendly, creative, and energetic person who enjoys hanging out with his friends. One of his favorite hobbies is photography which he continues to learn more about in the Blue and Gold class, where it has taught him to use different softwares such as Photoshop and Indesign. Benitez is excited for a new year where he is able to be a leader and mentor new students who joined the class.

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