• Wrestling Profile: Jason Montezuma

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    Junior Jason Montezuma has been wrestling for three years. Montezuma decided to give wrestling a try because he wanted to do a winter sport and felt “it [suited him more] than swimming and basketball.”

    Last year, the wrestling team had more people on the team. However this year, the season has been more challenging as there is a much smaller variety in people to compete against and practice with than in years’ past. Montezuma’s goal for the team is to “make sure that the people that started the year off, [remain motivated and succeed].” Although the team is smaller, Montezuma continues to work hard to improve his skills as a wrestler.

    Junior Jason Montezuma. Photo taken by Sabrina Monteiro.

    Montezuma believes the year hasn’t been the best for the team this year, but thinks on the positive side, feeling that this year is a period of rebuilding for the team. As an entire team, “[they] haven’t won, but as individuals, there has been many wins,” he stated. The most memorable meet for Montezuma was when the team went against a team “where there were only four wrestlers on [their] side and three of [them] won.”

    In wrestling, Montezuma thinks his strengths will be to help lead his team members in making sure their skills/techniques are set and are being worked with. He will be able to do this, “since [he] has not been able to compete because of his injury during the second week of the season.”

    When Montezuma goes to college, he says “if the opportunity is there, [he will] probably do wrestling, but [for now he has not made a decision],” and he will continue to enjoy his experience in high school.  


    Born in 2002, first year Blue and Gold member, and freshman, Sabrina Monteiro, moved to Malden eight years ago from Fall River. Monteiro went to Ferryway school before arriving at Malden High School as a freshman. Monteiro enjoys listening to artists like Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, and Beyoncé. Monteiro likes to read and write, her favorite books including the Chicken Soup series. Portuguese being her first language, Monteiro learned to speak English by Kindergarten, and the subject is now her favorite in school. In her free time, Monteiro spends time with family and friends. Monteiro describes herself as ¨girly”, and loves the color pink. Monteiro’s favorite movies include the Step-Up movies. Monteiro joined the class because of her intention to become a journalist when she is older.

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