• Boys Lacrosse Profile: Zach Rufo

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    Zachary Rufo is a sophomore at Malden High, and is one of the members of our Boys Lacrosse team. Rufo started playing lacrosse with the high school’s team last year as a part of the JV team, however, he moved up to varsity this year, and is definitely one of the star players. He only started playing lacrosse as a sport three years ago, as a eighth grader. The reason why he started playing lacrosse is because “[his] brother played lacrosse, and [he] decided to give it a try.”

    On his relationship with his teammates, he states that his relationship with them is close, and that “[he loves] [his] teammates like family, and [he] would do anything for them.”With his coaches, he says that they taught him a lot in the last two years, and “[he is]  extremely thankful to have three of them as coaches, because [he] would not be the lacrosse player [he is] without them.”

    When it comes to his lacrosse skills, Rufo feels that his speed and handling is “advantageous”, however, “[he needs to] work on [his] shots, and also improve on shooting with [his] left hand, even though [he thinks] [he has] come far with [his] left hand.” Senior Andy Tham says that Rufo is one of the most memorable players on the team. “Although he isn’t a captain, he does help lead the team” He also added that he “puts in the work and he never loses sight of the vision.”

    Rufo feels like the team’s best performance was “definitely against Winthrop because [they] showed skill and heart and that’s what [their] coach wants.” For the future, he hopes to play lacrosse all throughout high school, and maybe even in college.


    Sara Zakaria, currently freshman at Malden High School, joined the Blue and Gold because of her passion and devotion for writing. Zakaria found out about the class in middle school, and thought it was the perfect opportunity to use the writing skills she possesses and get them published in the process. Her favorite subject is English, considering the writing, and her least is math. Although High School is going to take some time, she announces that she can get used to it, “it’s better than middle school” Zakaria says. Her hobbies include listening to music, especially her favorite artist: Joe Strummer, and watching movies such as Trainspotting. Other hobbies include swimming and reading books. She has one older brother and desires to have a cat. Zakaria knows some people already, but is enthusiastic to meet others and make new friends. In hopes to improve her writing skills, Zakaria is looking forward to getting her work published through the help of the Blue and Gold.

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