• Boys Volleyball Profile: Tenzin Shakya

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    Freshman, Tenzin Shakya is one of the up and coming bright starts on the boys volleyball team. Alongside fellow freshman Zenhong Deng, Shakya is one of the only two newcomers on the team this year that have worked their way into the starting line up.

    Despite this season being his first season playing organized volleyball, Shakya has always had a strong passion for the game. When asked about what made him join the volleyball team, Shakya referred to his middle school days as the reason why. He mentioned that in middle school, he “always stood out playing volleyball in gym class” and “overtime [his] interest grew” because of it.

    Freshman Tenzin Shakya preparing to serve. Photo by Abhishek Rana.

    Although the season did not prove to be as successful results wise as the team would have wanted, Shakya still views the season a positive one. When asked about his takeaway from the season, Shakya replied by saying that they “improved a lot throughout the season” and that they have to continue to “work harder and improve individually and together as a team” because their future “looks immensely bright.”

    Individually for Shakya, this season also proved to be a season of growth for him as a volleyball player. When asked to elaborate about his growth as a volleyball player, Shakya replied by saying that his “biggest growth was becoming more of a team player.” He continued that in the beginning of the season his “communication skills with the team was not strong enough” and was “lacking.” However, Shakya added that by the end of the season he “progressed and developed a strong relationship with [his] teammates and coach” which “gave [him] the confidence to communicate better during the games.”

    Shakya’s continuous improvement as a volleyball player was recognized by his head coach Dan Jurkowski, who rewarded Shakya by inputting him to starting role by the end of the season. When asked about his promotion to a starter, Shakya expressed gratitude towards his coach and teammates, for their “trust in [him].” He explained that starting “means a lot to [him]” because of how “tough” it is to “earn that sort of trust.”

    Shakya now hopes that his individual growth and success translates into more victories for the team in the future. His team goal moving forward remains to qualify for the state tournament and he believes that despite this being the last season for many key senior players, the team also  has “many talented young players” that have the potential to flourish into “outstanding volleyball players.” Another goal of Shakya and the team is also to  encourage other hidden talents to join the program” so that the program can “soon be more acknowledged.”   

    Outside of volleyball, Shakya also plays soccer for Malden High and was the captain of the Freshman soccer team last fall. He also is an active volunteer in the community and is the class of 2019 president.


    Abhishek Rana is a sophomore at Malden High School ready for a new year in the Blue and Gold. This year Rana is a lead reporter specializing in sports. Born in Nepal, Rana came to Malden 5 years ago, and quickly developed a love for writing. He’s passionate about sports, especially soccer and football. Not only does he enjoy playing them, he enjoys writing and debating about sports. This passion about sports prompted him to the Blue and Gold his freshman year. Outside of school, Rana enjoys listening to music, watching TV shows and watching movies. He listens to rock bands such as Green Day and Killswitch Engage. His favorite TV shows include Doctor Who, the BBC Sherlock, and Game of Thrones. Rana is looking forward to his second year in the Blue and Gold.

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