• About Carolina Cuevas

    Carolina Cuevas is a freshman at Malden High School. Before attending Malden High, Cuevas attended the Ferryway School. Cuevas started participating in the Blue and Gold newspaper this year and is participating in two clubs, the Mandarin Club and the Visual Arts Society. Outside of school, Cuevas enjoys watching animations and drawing. To describe herself she uses the word “introvert.” Cuevas’s favorite color is Blue and her favorite subject in school is math because she says it is challenging and she likes challenges. Cuevas plays on the Malden High School freshman football team and also states that tacos are her favorite food. She was born in Boston, Massachusetts. Cuevas’s goal for freshman year is to make it to Sophomore year, and her goal in life is to become either an anthropologist, or an engineer. In Blue and Gold, Cuevas is looking forward to getting her credit.

    Philosophy Club

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    The Philosophy Club is an extracurricular club where students of all grades at MHS come together and discuss the big questions of life, such as “why are we here?” or “why things are how they are?” In the Philosophy club, students express their opinions and thoughts in an non-competitive environment. The club holds its...

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    Science National Honor Society

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    The Science National Honor Society (SNHS) is a club for those looking to express their knowledge and creativity in the field of science. While many people may wish to work as rappers, singers, actors or television personalities, the goal of SNHS is to stress how important science is to society and to encourage more...

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