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    Swim Team Makes States

    by  • March 13, 2017 • Homepage, Sports • 0 Comments

    BY KAYLA SOUSA & REBECA PEREIRA  State competition for swim were held at Boston University for all the swimmers who exceeded expectations on the local level during the winter swim season. From breaking school records to breaking personal records the swimmers are genuinely impressed with their team’s performance as well as their own. After...

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    Poetry Out Loud Finals 2017

    by  • March 2, 2017 • Homepage, Local • 0 Comments

    BY SYDNEY STUMPF & REBECA PEREIRA  Poetry Out Loud has been a collaborative effort between teachers and students each year. Poetry Out Loud is a unit of poetry included in the English curriculum where students perform poetry in class and advance to semi-finals and finals. The 2017 Poetry Out Loud Unit has ended and...

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    Swimming: Mid Season Update

    by  • January 6, 2017 • Homepage, Sports • 0 Comments

    BY KAYLA SOUSA & REBECA PEREIRA  The new year has begun and as resolutions are being set, Malden High School swimmers are meeting previous goals and setting new ones as well. The middle of the season has arrived and swimmers are preparing for important swim meets that will define this season. With few meets...

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    Swim Profile: Sebastian Romani

    by  • December 22, 2016 • Athlete Profiles, Sports • 0 Comments

    As the new year approaches, the Malden High School swim team is making the most of the new swim season. As a returning member, sophomore Sebastian Romani has some experience under his belt, but continues seeing the new season as an opportunity to better himself. Romani has been a swimmer his entire life and...

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    Swim: Start of the Season

    by  • December 9, 2016 • Homepage, Sports • 0 Comments

    BY REBECA PEREIRA & KAYLA SOUSA As the season for swim dives into action, the excitement is palpable among all swimmers and newcomers. Tryouts have been held and the season is starting with practices every day after school. The stakes are high this season with swimmers eager to maintain their Greater Boston League title...

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    Swim Tryouts 2016

    by  • December 2, 2016 • Homepage, Sports • 0 Comments

    Malden High School students all experience two weeks of pool per semester of Physical Education but the swim season has only just begun for MHS swim enthusiasts, those who plan to dedicate their high school years to the water. Preparing for the season requires grueling practices building up to meets where the MHS team...

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    Massachusetts Reacts to The 2016 Presidential Election

    by  • November 10, 2016 • 2016 Presidential Election, Local, National, North American News, World • 0 Comments

    Republican President-Elect Donald Trump, defied odds as a political outsider on the early morning of November 9th, 2016. Although the election was impossibly narrow, most early polls called a win for the Democratic nominee, former Secretary of State and former First Lady Hillary Clinton. As key swing-states began demonstrating a Republican lean, Trump’s electoral...

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    A Look into the Social Justice Club

    by  • October 25, 2016 • Homepage, Local • 0 Comments

    Recent events have brought social equality to the forefront and Malden High School’s Social Justice club is making sure to address these social issues, shedding light on a much needed conversation. Newly formed and inspired by the success of the social justice club run by Summer Search, the Social Justice club works to create...

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    A Look into the MHS History Club

    by  • October 7, 2016 • Homepage, Local • 0 Comments

    History is defined as “the study of past events” but the History Club at Malden High School is giving a whole new meaning to history. On Thursday, October 13th, the club will host a movie night as a fundraiser hoping the event would also generate interest in the History Club and the work it...

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