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    Juno What Happened?

    by  • February 25, 2015 • Homepage, Local • 0 Comments

    On Jan 26th 2015, residents of Malden faced a conflict when they were buried in more than two feet of snow thanks to Winter Storm Juno. Seemingly never ending, this storm carried on through all of Tuesday for a total of 14 hours of heavy snowfall. Malden was strongly impacted by Juno due to...

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    Key Club: Unlocking Opportunities

    by  • November 3, 2014 • Homepage, Local • 0 Comments

    When over a hundred Malden High School students gather in the Desano cafeteria every Tuesday eager to sign up for volunteering opportunities, there is no doubt that Key Club is one of the most successful clubs MHS has to offer. Derived from helping out at both local and out of town events, club members...

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    Boys Volleyball

    by  • March 31, 2015 • Homepage, Sports • 0 Comments

    The diverse opportunities offered at Malden High School continue to grow. For the first time in MHS history, the school now has a boys volleyball team. With the help of MHS Principal Dana Brown and Mr. Keefe, the Athletic Director, the interests of many people have been met with the start of this appealing...

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    How To Stay Busy This Winter

    by  • March 11, 2015 • Homepage • 0 Comments

    This winter has been very challenging so far in many ways. The snow overtaking the area has been quite frustrating. At first, the snow seemed to have limited most activities but we have since overcome the record-breaking snow. With all that has been happening a lot of people are just not sure what to...

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    School Budgets: What is Chapter 70?

    by  • June 15, 2014 • Homepage, Local • 0 Comments

    By JULIA PARKER The Chapter 70 education aid formula is the Massachusetts Commonwealth’s program for distributing its budget money for K-12 public education equally into the state’s 328 local and regional school districts. This formula ensures that each district has the correct amount of money it needs to sustain its education for all students,...

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    Crew: Row, Row, Rowing to States

    by  • June 4, 2014 • Homepage, Sports • 0 Comments

    Cassandra Reyes Reporter Crew: a sport where teamwork is essential and vigorous efforts must be present at all times. The Malden High School team, coached by science teacher Shauna Campbell and math teacher Sarah Jones, never fails to fulfill the requirements of the sport. This year’s team is being led by senior captains Ghita...

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    Martha Coakley Visits Malden High

    by  • January 24, 2014 • Homepage, Local • 0 Comments

    By SUMYA MOHIUDDIN To honor Computer Science Education Week, (Dec. 9-15), Paul Marques and his students invited Attorney General Martha Coakley to teach an “Hour of Code”, which is a session demonstrated nationwide. Coakley, who is currently campaigning for a position as governor, has a busy past that involves bringing justice to those who needed...

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    Nedlam’s Corner: Week 4

    by  • October 31, 2014 • Carousel, Homepage, Interactive • 0 Comments

      Best way to deal with a long distance relationship?           -hopeful   Dear Hopeful,     Congratulations! Not only are you in a relationship but you’ve now found someone that won’t give you the same gut wrenching, “long distance relationships never work out,” speech. In my opinion long distance relationships or relationships where you won’t...

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    Kicking The Season Off Right

    by  • October 9, 2014 • Homepage • 0 Comments

    With the blow of a whistle, the Malden High School Boys Soccer team hit the ground running and do not have intentions of slowing down anytime soon. Starting the season off with an undefeated record of 8-0-1, they only need to win one more game to qualify for the state tournament for the third...

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