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    FOOGI Haunt Jaunt

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     Friends of Oak Grove Inc. (FOOGI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving “the community bounded by Oak Grove and West End” as well as inspiring positive change across Malden both directly, through many of their Initiatives, focused on improving their local neighborhood, and indirectly, through events such as the FOOGI 5k Haunt Jaunt....

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    From a Freshman’s Point of View

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    As the rest of the school tested themselves through the PSAT’S and learning CPR skills, the majority of Malden High School freshman piled into buses and headed off to various colleges for a glimpse of what is yet to come.

    Such colleges included  Framingham State University, Worchester Polytechnic Institute, Fitchburg State University, Wheaton College, Anna Maria College, and Pine Manor College.

    “It’s good for us to start looking at our options now,” Freshman Luana Machado remarks, “that way when it’s time to actually applying for colleges, we have some possible choices.”

    As it is their first year in high school, not all freshmen have had the opportunity to get a look at what college will be like and be able to start considering ideas for their future. A group of about forty Holland house freshmen made their way to Pine Manor College, a former all women’s college in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. “I don’t think you should think about it too much,” Freshman Javier Regis states, regarding the small time gap between being a high school freshman and being a college freshman. “It should be somewhat of a thought.”

    As they roamed the school and learned more about college, it was evident that the exciting yet bittersweet reality came falling on them.

    Homecoming 2014: Alumni Association

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    Nedlam’s 55th birthday was celebrated by Malden High School’s Alumni Association in Cafe Desano at MHS. Many generations of students that grew up in Malden came to enjoy this event and their brunch as well. David Haskell, class of 1954, stated, “Our roots are in Malden [and that it is fun to visit the school and reunite with old classmates].”

    When asked, several alumni described that the biggest change in the school was its diversity. MHS Principal Dana Brown, class of 1977, explained, “When [he] attended the school, most of the students looked just like [him].” It was a mainly Protestant school, “some [Jewish] and very few minorities.” Mayor Gary Christensen also mentioned, class of 1986, that MHS is “one of the most diverse schools in the state of Massachusetts,” which has changed since they attended the school 30 or more years ago.

    All the former students of the school love revisiting, seeing, and hearing about the school’s progress. Christensen gave a speech addressing the several accomplishments of MHS. He mentioned the dropout rate decreasing from seven percent to two percent, as well as addressing the boys varsity soccer team’s undefeated season this school year.

    A great change noted by some of the alumni is the physical progression of the school. Haskell stated that the school has been, “renovated beautifully,” and all changes are for the better. Beverly Aronson Visnick, from the class of 1948, believes the school is much “more lively” and adds that it was “a quieter school when [she] attended.”

    Barbara Keniston Pelosi, class of 1954, described the event in one word: “awesome.” For many of the alumni, visiting the high school brings back memories. Many of them enjoy attending the events and meeting different generations and classes of MHS because they all “share a common bond,” Brown stated.

    All of the Alumni had different experiences at Malden High, but came together as one because they all have roots in Malden. Alumn Aronson Visnik worked with bookkeeping and went into accounting, and mentioned that “[she] always liked school.”  Mayor Christenson took part in bowling and baseball, and was mainly involved in class politics. He was elected for class president his junior year, and re-elected his senior year. In fact, that is where he developed his idea and desire to become mayor and involve himself in public service.

    Former generations of Malden have watched everything grow and develop into what it is today. Jordan Shapiro, class of 1960, was born in the Malden hospital and expressed that he is “sad that it is gone.” Shapiro attended MHS when they had their first Junior Varieties and the first Nedlam mascot of his class. Shapiro has always been an active participant of the progressive improvement of the city. He worked as a lawyer for Malden through 1978 to 1988, and experienced the building of five schools in Malden. He also took part of the renovating and building of MHS, along with 30 other people in the committee.

    Malden has grown into an incredible city. The Alumni Association has experienced all of the great changes that took place. Every year, they enjoy coming to the brunch and reminiscing on memories and reuniting with old friends. Their homecoming is a great reminder that they all share a “great past and a strong future.”



    3-D Printer Brought To MHS

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    By ROBERTO DE OLIVEIRA & KATIE MAI     Through Holland House, down the stairs  to the basement, in the old woodshop room, a space will be found where all forms of creativity and free-flowing ideas are encouraged and welcomed. “It is a huge playground for us to make cool things,” Daniel Wise, a...

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    Alexander Technique Instructor Visits MHS

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    Recently at Malden High School, an Alexander Technique instructor came in and gave a demonstration to the choral art society members. The Alexander Technique is a way to feel better and move in a more relaxed and comfortable way, “the way nature intended.”  It helps them be more comfortable in their own body; teachers...

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