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    I Wanna Rock!

    by  • April 6, 2015 • Editorial, Homepage, Opinion • 0 Comments

    Ah, Rock’N’Roll, a nutritious part of any complete teenage angst. 10 grams of rebellion, 30 grams of energy, 20 grams of loud. May contain: Challenges to societal norms, strong language, ripped jeans, and soy products. Okay, I am not usually one to beat the dead metaphor horse, but rock culture is an essential vitamin...

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    Budget Cuts: “When [Money’s] Gone, Where Does It Go?”

    by  • April 28, 2014 • Local, Local Opinions, Opinion, Political Opinions • 0 Comments

    By SUMYA MOHIUDDIN The reasons as to why Malden is experiencing a $2.5 million budget cut are concerning; many students and teachers have been left questioning the state of Malden High School’s various programs in the upcoming school year. The chances that the art department could disappear, or that thirty of our favorite teachers...

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    OPINION: Receptionless

    by  • February 7, 2014 • Homepage, Opinion • 0 Comments

    BY CANDELA DIAZ “I can’t live without my phone!” A phrase that has been said by so many people these days. We rely on social media to communicate and spend our free time. Hours are spent each day on websites such as Instagram and Twitter, or simpler things such as texting. But have you...

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    Asexuality & The Rise of Sexual Minorities

    by  • April 3, 2015 • Homepage, Opinion • 0 Comments

    There are several reasons why Daryl is among the most popular characters in the AMC television series The Walking Dead’: He’s brave, he carries a mean crossbow, and according to his fanbase, he’s incredibly attractive. Some viewers bring up an ironic point, though: his more-than-platonic relationship with Carol and sexless persona may mean something...

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    On Budget Cuts and Education: An Open Letter to the Malden Community About the Future of our Education

    by  • June 11, 2014 • Homepage, Local Opinions, Opinion • 0 Comments

    By JESSICA LYNN DEPAULA and JAMES MAZARAKIS The education system is in place for students to learn and grow as individuals. It seems as though it is a simple concept, but the reality is far more complicated than one statement. Bureaucracies, legal issues and economic hardships make the true aspirations of a school system...

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    Double-Edged Intelligence

    by  • November 7, 2014 • Opinion • 0 Comments

    Imagine the wonders of ignorance: the wonders of simply not knowing enough to make you sad. Imagine rolling out of bed and thinking not of advanced placement classes or college exams, but of the color of your socks or which perfume you’ll wear. Imagine getting C’s and B’s and being happy. Imagine not being...

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    Meninism – Did you mean: A Hypocritical Movement That Abandons Its Own People

    by  • April 2, 2015 • Homepage, Opinion • 0 Comments

    Lately a new so-called “movement” called Meninism has been sweeping social media platforms, primarily Twitter. The Twitter accounts, like @MeninistTweet and dozens just like it, have quickly gained hundreds of thousands of followers, causing people like me to question what the point of “Meninism” even is. At first, I dismissed it. Oh yeah, another...

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