• Blue and Gold Art Gallery Showcases MHS Student Talent

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    A poster and featured piece presented at the art gallery. All photos by Maria DaSilva.

    On Apr. 9, 2015, Malden High School’s fine arts department held its annual Blue and Gold Art Gallery opening reception at Commerce Place on Main Street in Malden. Many students, families, and Malden residents attended to admire the art and hear the speeches made. The Tuesday prior to the opening reception, student volunteers took...

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    Inside Botball 2015

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    In full disclosure, I am both a reporter for the Blue and Gold and a member of the Malden High School Robotics Team. For years the robotics team has existed as a small part of the Malden Community. Membership has remained in the single digits and as a result, the team has often faced...

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    Friday Updates: April 27, 2015

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    Best of luck to Blue and Gold alumni Lauren Benoit (Class of 2013) running in the Boston Marathon this Monday on April 20, 2015.

    Here are updates for the week of April 20  on current events in Malden. This is information pulled from morning announcements and the Tornado Times. Annual Boston Marathon on April 20 in Boston starts around 8:50. MHS will be holding our annual “Fill out your AP Answer Sheet & Booklet for All Your Exams” workshop...

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    Boda Borg Boson Coming to Malden

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    A picture of a team trying to figure out how to get the spaceship running. Photo from Chad Ellis

    A new addition is coming to Malden, and will hopefully attract the attention of a variety of age groups. Boda Borg is an indoor questing simulation, originally from Sweden, where participants take on mental and physical challenges. Boda Borg’s themed quests take place in a variety of places such as an  aircraft, a house,...

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    Premarin: Hormone Replacement Therapy

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    The pink premarin pills seen above have been linked to serious health risks for women who take them." photo from Wikipedia.

    Over the last few years the drug Premarin has sparked concerns over how safe the drug may be for women, but also from many animal welfare organizations. Many people have showed concern for the safety of the Mares and Foals that are involved in the making of Premarin. Premarin is a drug that replaces...

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