• Illness Breaks Out on Caribbean Cruise

    by  • January 29, 2014 • 0 Comments

    By LUCIA QUESADA NYLEN On Jan. 26, 2014, a Royal Caribbean cruise ship announced that they would be arriving from their 10-day trip two days early due to a random sickness that infected over 600 passengers. The sickness was identified as a gastrointestinal illness, which is a disease that targets the stomach and small...

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    Overcoming Adversity One Stroke at a Time

    by  • February 25, 2015 • 0 Comments

    After a season of vigorous training and strenuous efforts, the Malden High School swim team continues to hold the title of Greater Boston League champions from last season. Ending the season with 6-0 score, the team is led by Paul Devincentis and MHS math teacher Jessica Bisson, along with the help of senior captains...

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    Get Spirited for Spirit Week!

    by  • November 5, 2014 • 0 Comments

    With spirit week coming up, you should start to think about what to wear in order to dress to impress. Here are some suggestions of simple ideas to get you started on your spirit week outfits. Feel free to change them up and to help them fit your personality best. The 1st day of Spirit Week...

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    Cheering Into A New Season

    by  • October 9, 2014 • 0 Comments

    The Malden High School cheerleading team has had a very successful start to this fall season. Lead by head coach Diane Buonopane and senior captains Olivia Verdone and Rebecca McCabe, and junior candidate Santina Solis, the girls are heading in the right direction. With an amazing turnout of over 65 girls showing up to...

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    The History of Tennis

    by  • April 3, 2014 • 0 Comments

    ByKARINA MATOS Most historians believe that tennis originated in twelfth century France when a ball was struck with a hand and called, “jeu de paume,” or “handball.” However, it was not until the sixteenth century that rackets were used in the game and it was called “tennis.” The word “tennis,” came into use in...

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    Breaking Binaries

    by  • April 1, 2015 • 0 Comments

    Gender identity, personas, and prounouns: Why It Matters In today’s society, gender is the cornerstone of what is and isn’t appropriate. Pink dress? Must be for a girl. Monster trucks? Must be for a boy. Today, gender is “determined” by what you were born as, and it stays with you forever. The result of...

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    Mr. Cole and Mixed Chorus

    by  • March 18, 2015 • 0 Comments

    Dozens of students from all grades, who share a passion for music and singing join the Mixed Chorus class, an introductory course taught by the talented and inspiring Malden High teacher, Todd Cole. Mixed Chorus is geared towards teaching students with all ranges of all singing experience how to sing properly, how to practice...

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    The Bread of Life Thanksgiving Dinner

    by  • December 9, 2014 • 0 Comments

    Thanksgiving is a holiday that is dedicated to being thankful for everything that one has. At noon on Thanksgiving Day, the Bread of Life made sure no one was alone on the special day of thanks. They threw a free Thanksgiving dinner at Malden High School for anyone who did not have a place...

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    Field Hockey Profile: Casey Arsenault

    by  • November 4, 2014 • 0 Comments

    Senior Casey Arsenault expresses that high school has gone by very fast but she has tried to make the best of it. Arsenault is seen as a role model to her teammates and many others, and “ glad could be that for them and that could help them grow.” Throughout her years...

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    Small Steps, Big Changes

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    By LUCIA QUESADA NYLEN There are various things in life that many take for granted–like shoes. Sixteen-year-old Nicholas Lowinger of Rhode Island has been dedicating the past four years to the organization that he started, serving as a middleman for donating shoes to homeless kids. Lowinger started the Gotta Have Sole Foundation back in...

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    Girls in Technology

    by  • February 25, 2015 • 0 Comments

    Recently Malden High School was chosen to be a hub for Technovation which is a completely free twelve week after school program for young women only. The program focuses on Mobile App development from its start to its end. Any girl from ages twelve and up, from middle school to high school can participate in...

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