• Scholastic Art Awards

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    By TENZIN DORJEE and CANDELA DIAZ  Introduction The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, which is sponsored by The Boston Globe, “recognizes and exhibits, in a central location that is open to the public, student work from all over the state,” and has been for several years. The event is run by the School of...

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    Colby-Sawyer: Emanuela Mercier

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    By ASHLEY LEUNG The  Colby Sawyer Scholarship is a way to help students take care of the tuition for Colby Sawyer. Every year, the scholarship “allows 20 progressive scholars receive a full tuition scholarship to attend Colby Sawyer” (according to the Colby Sawyer scholarship informational site). Many have applied but only those who have...

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    YouTube Stars and Book Deals

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    There are a lot of things I am not good at. Math, basketball, washing dishes, judging how much water I can fit into a mug, spelling the word ‘neccesary’, cooking, wrapping presents and shuffling cards are among those things. But one thing I’d like to think that I’m good at, or at least mediocre...

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    SNL ISIS Skit

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    Everyone claims that every subject has a ‘line’ that can crossed in inappropriate situations. Mostly directed towards jokes, there is a clear distinction between someone being blatantly offensive and plainly making fun of them. In shows like Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and The Daily Show, the comedians make jokes about current events in...

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    Spice Up Your Bedroom for Spring!

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    Spring is the time for renewal and redecorating, so start your spring with this easy cork board decoration for your wall! On these boards you can pin up pictures, tickets, and other memorable items.  For this project you will need these supplies: Cork board squares Alcohol clothespins (mini or regular sized) hemp cord scotch double...

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    China vs Pollution

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    For years China has dealt with high levels of pollution in some of their cities such as Beijing, Linfen, and Urumqi. The pollution has reached an all-time high when the smog over China went 20 times over the safe level. People are wearing masks daily because they’re becoming more and more concerned with the...

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    Baseball: The Final Pitch

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    PJ Montezuma Head of Sports The final innings have ended and the Malden High School Varsity Baseball team played with dedication all the way down to the last pitch. Standing in at a record of 5-13, the team fell short of making the State tournament by just three games. Being led by head coach...

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    Life on Mars

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    By KARINA MATOS Twenty years ago, if someone suggested the idea of people living on Mars, they would have been called crazy. It’s not like that anymore. Now, people are already paying for their spot on the unnamed ship going to Mars. For people who love adventure, it seems like a no-brainer. Who wouldn’t...

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    Malden Blue and Gold 100th Year Magazine and Event

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    On Thursday of last week, we, the staff of The Blue and Gold, launched a campaign to raise money for the commemorative magazine celebrating 100 years of student journalism at Malden High School, as well as the oral history event, which will happen on Friday June 12th, from 6-9 pm.

    We hope that you will take a moment to join in helping the “Malden Blue and Gold 100th Year Magazine and Event” campaign reach its funding goal. Thank you!


    Malden Field Hockey Senior Night Against Everett

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    The varsity field hockey team played with hard work and determination last Saturday against Melrose. Even though they lost with a score of 3-0, they are keeping their heads up and ready to improve and play the next game. Their next game will be on Nov. 16th, 2014 against Danvers.